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Scout and Homes for Homes

Scout agents are helping to transform communities in Nashville
and around the world, one home at a time.

Why We’re Involved with Homes for Homes

Our vision is to provide homes for those who are capable of purchasing and those who are not. We work with Homes for Homes to give a portion of each property transaction to build homes in impoverished countries.

Transforming Communities

We help to empower local leaders, employ local laborers, and inspiring local families.

Local Laborers

Each home not only provides a safe shelter for the family, but it also provides income to the people in the community that construct each home. So every project not only impacts the family receiving the home, but also the families of workers that earn a fair wage for their efforts.

Local Resources

Our trusted partners oversee the construction of each home from start to finish. Their involvement allows us to use local resources to construct each home and build in a style that is consistent with the rest of the community. Regardless of the location, all homes have a concrete floor and a solid roof. By utilizing local resources, we add financial stimulus to the local economy.

Local Leaders

Community leaders select every family that receives a home and manage the construction process. These men are involved in every detail: family selection, material selection, hiring construction crews, and quality control management from ground preparation to home completion. We are so grateful for their leadership and desire to serve the people in their communities.

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