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Our primary goal is to be the best real estate company in Nashville by making the client experience easy, efficient, and enjoyable. Everything we do revolves around you.

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We believe our business grows in proportion to the amount of unique value we add to others. We educate and empower you to make your best decisions with confidence.


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Scout Properties (2017 Nashville Business Journal, Small Business of the Year and 2018 Best Places to Work) was established to create solutions that reinvent the real estate industry. We innovate through our unique use of people, processes, and technology. Our culture is something we protect and celebrate. Here, we aim to increase the quality of life for our staff, agents, and clients by making their experience easy, efficient, and enjoyable. Our privately-owned (and gorgeous) office is located in the heart of the vibrant West End and Vanderbilt areas.

At Scout, we empower agents to work in their strengths and passions by enabling them to leverage their weaknesses to expand their service capacity and cultivate a life that has deep meaning and fulfillment. Here are Scout’s nine advantages for real estate agents:

  1. Financial – Scout’s model enables agents to focus their time on dollar productive activities, which increases agents’ transaction numbers, resulting in increased earnings.
  2. Freedom – Scout’s structure promotes freedom for agents to maintain healthy work-life balance by enabling them to accomplish more work in less time, increasing their dollar per hour.
  3. Marketing – Scout provides marketing systems, personal branding, and company resources that produce leads for the agents and assists them to better serve their clients.
  4. Training – Scout’s personal and professional training program develops agents into becoming their best self and equips them to add maximum value to others.
  5. People – Scout enables agents to work in their passions and strengths by leveraging their weaknesses and outsourcing nonessential work activities to our support team.
  6. Processes – Scout’s processes and use of technology enable agents to execute transactions consistently and accurately, which decreases inefficiencies, increases service, and enhances their client’s experience.
  7. Culture – Scout’s culture is aligned with our core values, which creates a work environment that gives agents belonging, opportunity, and fulfillment.
  8. Revenue Share – Scout awards agents for bringing on like-minded people that would be a great addition to the Scout culture.
  9. Upward Mobility – Have the ability to become a mentor to invest into junior agents lives while being compensated for your time and effort.

Scout Properties is looking to hire a real estate agent who is teachable, self-motivated, determined, and has a passion to not only impact their clients’ lives, but also lives of families across the world. Scout trains each agent (new and experienced) on the Scout way. This material has been created through Jonathan’s experience over the past 15 years. Here are a few things new agents have said about our most recent training course: Going through this training as a new agent was invaluable. Each day, an insecurity of mine was squashed by the knowledge gained. I started the week feeling unsure of myself in this new career, but left empowered and confident. — Tom Young Scout’s training was very well done. It covered everything from basic to in-depth, and new information regarding the real estate industry. Beyond that, it was very individual growth focused, while at the same time showing the need to play a role in the team atmosphere that Scout cultivates. It’s a great way to receive the tools needed to succeed, and also visualize and plan for the upcoming year. — Thomas Summers Here is what life will look like as a real estate agent:

  • Consult with clients on how to sell their home for the most amount of money in the least amount of time
  • Be available to take clients on home tours and attend open houses
  • Offer advice on how to market a home for sale to make it unique within the local real estate market
  • Mediate all negotiations between sellers and buyers and communicate with fellow real estate agents to represent your clients
  • Understand your local real estate market and be informed of recent home sales
  • Host open houses and other events to build your business
  • Educate clients on basic real estate procedures
  • Determine clients’ needs and financial abilities to propose solutions that suit them
  • Cooperate with appraisers, escrow companies, lenders and home inspectors
  • Remain knowledgeable about real estate markets and best practices


  • Previous experience in real estate, marketing, retail, customer service, sales, B2B sales, property management, or other customer/consumer-centric related fields is a plus but not critical to our final candidate choice
  • Prior job experience with date sensitive time frames
  • Ability to build rapport and trust
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills to ensure contract clarity
  • Proven track of successful sales record
  • Ability to work independently combined with excellent interpersonal skills
  • Strong sales, negotiation and communication skills
  • Pleasant and trustworthy

Skill set: The right candidate should preferably have one or more of the following skills:

  • The ability to be highly personable with clients
  • A high level of discipline in regards to time management and short, medium and long-range planning
  • The ability to prioritize tasks according to relevance and importance to the goal at hand
  • Organizational skills and the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously
  • The ability to determine client needs quickly and efficiently
  • The ability to learn quickly

If you’re an agent that is searching for a real estate company who seeks to reinvent the real estate industry, you’re looking in the right place! But there’s a catch – we say no… a lot. As a company committed to our culture, we hire based on our nine core values and are very selective when it comes to the people we hire. We look forward to learning more about you and why you want to be a part of Scout!

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