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The Scout Difference

Our primary goal is to be the best real estate company in Nashville by making the client experience easy, efficient, and enjoyable. Everything we do revolves around you.


Jonathan Harris is the founder of Scout Realty. He is committed to training and developing people to become their best self, both in their careers and personal lives.

Mission & Values

We believe our business grows in proportion to the amount of unique value we add to others. We educate and empower you to make your best decisions with confidence.



Do what is right even when it is difficult.

  • You do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • You honor your commitments and do what you say you are going to do.
  • You are truthful with yourself and others.


The buck stops with you; OWN it.

  • You are accountable for your decisions and actions.
  • You are a steward who maximizes the gifts and opportunities entrusted to you for the good of others.
  • You are a self-directed, self-managed person with a sense of urgency to get immediate results.


Be a CHAMPION who will persist without exception.

  • You are hungry and know you have to earn success every single day.
  • You are committed to overcoming adversity through resourcefulness and action.
  • You are disciplined and condition yourself for self-mastery.


Commit to constant and never-ending improvement.

  • You increase your ability to add value to others through seeking wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.
  • You embrace problems as opportunities for growth.
  • You are open to receive feedback to improve your performance.


Succeed through what you give, not what you take.

  • You understand your clients’ needs are more important than your needs.
  • You embody a spirit of humility and servanthood.
  • You are grateful for the opportunity to contribute your unique value to others.


Forgive the way you want to be forgiven.

  • You free others from the expectation of perfection, and extend grace to make up for shortcomings.
  • You realize it is human nature to make mistakes; therefore, you forgive to free yourself from pain and anger.
  • You understand you need grace often; therefore, you freely extend grace to others.


Take pride in your efforts and accomplishments.

  • You create clients for life by creating unique experiences and exceeding their expectations.
  • You have standards for yourself that are higher than others expectations of you.
  • You give your all and finished strong.


Be a part of something greater than yourself.

  • You encourage and celebrate the successes of others.
  • You benefit the greater good with each decision and action.
  • You accomplish important work by collaborating with your team.


Choose to be happy.

  • You live in a positive state, bringing energy, passion, and optimism to your work environment.
  • You demonstrate love for others by trading your expectations with appreciation for them.
  • You are grateful for the gift of life, focusing on what you have, not on what is missing.

People & Culture

We develop people into becoming their best self through increasing their capacity and desire to contribute their unique value to others, while cultivating a life that has deep meaning and fulfillment.

Conscious Capitalism

We believe through selling local real estate we can make a positive impact on the world.

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